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Locomotive Drivers Union (VML) is a pure craft union and only organizes locomotive drivers. 

According to the Union by-laws railway workers that perform comparable functions with traction rolling stock can become members in the Union. Besides VML four more Unions working on the railways; Railway Salaried Staff (RTL), VR AKAVA (Academics), Rautatieteknisten liitto (Railway Technicians) and Railway Professionals (JHL).

The total membership in VML (31.12.2017) is 3.135 and of these are 1.163 employed and 1.924 retired. Our office is located in Hakaniemi, Helsinki in the same house with five other Transport Trade Unions: Finnish Transport Workers’ Union (AKT), Post and Logistics Union (PAU), Finnish Seamen’ s Union (SMU), Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) and Railway Salaried Staff’s Union (RVL).